Masks & Hygiene products Donation Project


Photos below of our recent Mask & Hygiene products Donation Project. The Donation took place at YOPOUGON-NIANGON’s High school (Groupe Scolaire Sylla Excellence). ALL girls left with a gift from WPA. It was a big celebration with Students and their parents. Food & Drinks were served. 

REMARKS on the World Summit 2020 
Seoul, South Korea, February 2-7, 2020 

World Summit 2020 is committed to promote human development, and integrate lasting peace in the world characterized by universal values, mutual prosperity, and interdependence that transcends all barriers of religion, race, and nationality.Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Hosted the World Summit 2020 in South Korea-Seoul from February 2 -7, 2020 to celebrate the Centenary of Rev. SUN MYUNG MOON (Founder of UPF).